Holiday Gift Ideas

holiday gift ideas

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and holiday music is already crooning from supermarket speakers. With peppermint mocha in hand, it’s time to start brainstorming what your loved ones hope to find under the Christmas tree this year. Luckily, we are here with holiday gift ideas for every coffee lover in your life. Do you know a hot coffee aficionado or a cold brew addict? Here is your one stop holiday gift guide for every one who holds coffee near and dear.

Find a gift idea you love? All purchases above $30 on our website qualify for free shipping this holiday season! Check off all the gifts on your list before you can finish your second cup of coffee.

Holiday baking and coffee

For the Baker at Heart

The Holiday “Wake and Bake” Kit

When the house is full for the holidays, freshly-baked breakfasts are a welcomed warm treat. Do you know someone who is always up with the sun, whipping up pancakes and muffins for everyone? For the friend who fills the house with sweet smells while everyone sleeps, our “Wake and Bake” Holiday Set is the perfect gift.

This gift set includes our Civilized Coffee Espresso Baking Powder to add a coffee kick to favorite recipes. The finely ground powder is made with 100% pure Colombian coffee and mixes perfectly with pastries and sweet treats.

To fuel the early morning kitchen creations, this kit also includes a choice of our whole bean roasts- light blonde, medium or dark. The morning air will be filled with sweet smells of treats and coffee! This holiday gift will be a hit with everyone this Christmas.


For the Mocha Maven

A DIY Espresso Hot Chocolate Kit

The magic between coffee and chocolate is undeniable, and you know just the person who appreciates it on the daily. Make their holiday dreams come true by creating a DIY Espresso Hot Chocolate Kit!

It all starts with a mug; select a coffee mug that really speaks to their personality. Whether it’s a classic porcelain mug with dainty details, or a jumbo sized one with a witty saying- we trust you to pick the right one!

Next, you’ll need the ingredients for our Espresso Hot Chocolate. Combine the pre-measured sugar, spices and chocolate in a small bag and include our Civilized Coffee Espresso Baking Powder in the gift! The bold flavor balances the rich chocolate perfectly with an added caffeine kick.

Package the mug, hot chocolate mix and Civilized Coffee Espresso Baking Powder together with the full written recipe. Wrap it all up in a festive holiday gift bag for a treat that is sure to warm a mocha lover’s heart!

Coffee mocha holiday gift
Cold Brew Coffee Holiday Gift

For the Cold Brew Connoisseur

The Holiday Cold Brew Kit

Iced coffee is its own entity, and we all have a friend who orders it regardless of the temperature outside. For your loved one who proudly sips cold brew while sporting a sweater, our DIY Holiday Cold Brew Kit is the perfect gift.

Why leave your house to enjoy the smooth and rich flavors of cold brew? Our special edition kit includes two 12 oz bags of Kenyan Coffee, specifically roasted and ground for the perfect brew. It also includes a measuring spoon and 3 cotton reusable brew bags.

With this kit, the owner can enjoy deliciously fresh cold brew without even stepping out of their slippers. To make this gift extra special, pick up miniature bottles of liquid sweeteners to include for the full coffee shop flavor experience.


For the Coffee Purist

Whole African Beans

For those who like their coffee “without all the fuss,” high quality coffee is a must! Cream and sugar are hardly necessary when it comes to our premium East African Beans. Responsibly grown and sourced from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, these beans are roasted in small batches by expert coffee roasters.

Does your loved one prefer a lighter breakfast blend? Our Light Blonde Roast is a perfect match. If they opt for coffee that is dark and strong, our Dark Roast might be just what they need. If you’re not sure which they prefer in their morning cup, you can’t go wrong with our Medium Roast blend.

These blends are full-bodied, well-rounded and kept fresh until it’s ready to brew. This classic coffee holiday gift is sure to light up the morning brew.

Black Coffee Holiday Gift

We hope your Christmas List is checked off and your cup of coffee is near empty! Fill it up and prepare for more holiday cheer. Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping on all orders over $30.