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Nutella Mocha Cocktail

As December approaches, we want to kick up the cozy holiday spirit with a Nutella Mocha Cocktail. This “grown-up” hot chocolate features rich chocolate-hazelnut flavors, a toasty splash of hazelnut liqueur and airy espresso whipped cream. It is refined enough to be served at a holiday cocktail party, but inviting enough to sip on while curled up by the fire on a snowy day. Our Civilized Coffee Espresso Powder creates a perfectly balanced coffee flavor in the home-made cream.

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Chocolate Espresso Truffles

Introducing, the chocolate espresso truffle. These treats are petite, flavorful and exceptionally easy to make! Our Civilized Coffee Espresso Powder combines with sweet cocoa to create bite-sized pieces of heaven. Enjoy chocolate espresso truffles with a fresh cup of coffee as a perfect end to the holiday meal.

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